Macie Bean Boots will be rocking the BOTB

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Anderson Bean Boots – Home of Macie Bean Boots – Proud Sponsors of The Best of the Best will be rocking the house.

There will be 15 – That is right 15 pair of Macie Bean Boots to be awarded at the BOTB in September and 2 of these will be up for bid at the Team Marley Auction on Saturday!

 We can not thank them enough for all their support of this show! Look them up at

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BOTB Qualifying form is up!

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Attention BOTB Qualifiers!   Please complete this form on line and follow the instructions after you hit Submit

Congratulations we are looking forward to a great show and wish each of you the best of luck!  We can not wait to see you all run down that alley way and lay down a run that can take home all the goods!

Email us  with any questions  -

Thank you for being part of the show!


Dawn and Clea

WB Ranch is back on the Grid!

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This weekend was to say the least was fun.   After a crazy week at work, a few non sleepless night thinking about the BOTB we FINALLY got on the road to WB Ranch in Swanton Ohio at about 4 PM you guessed it 2 hours late J as usual.

We headed to WB to help out our road crew member Becky Johnson with her 2nd NBHA show as 07 Director. Her, her hubby Rich and daughter Crystal were waiting for us when we arrived. They were relaxing under the awning on a beautiful late Friday afternoon – We would get unpacked and settled in then head to Becky’s trailer to see what was going on…….. As we walk up to the trailer we would walk into the middle of a conversation with Becky saying “ I said just call me………..Jesus” As I look at her with my head tilted to the side – I said Ok then Jesus Nice to meet you………..And the weekend began.

Leein Wayne would find his way to Swanton for the weekend to work in the office, he is test driving the new program that we developed for our shows. Crystal and Monica and even Josh were in the office and learning the program for future use. They did amazing.. Leein approved and with a couple more upgrade and a web interface it should be ready for the BOTB!

Once Leein arrived we would head to Shuckers for a late dinner and a whole lot of laughs. The food was great, the music was some great singing tunes but the waitress was rude. We did not let that spoil our fun though. Great friends, great times.

Josh Haskins and his Dad stepped in to do the ground for the day. Nick Wylie would help out with the Big Drags and get everyone through the cloverleaf pattern for the weekend. Julie Siesky, Noonie Booher, Becky Wilburn, Cathy Geary and a lot of other riders hit the chute with the speed you can only get at WB Ranch and put great times on the clock. Julie would win the open and she is hoping that Perks Broker can bring it to the August 8-10 show that is an out of state qualifier for the Best of the Best.   We hope to see the surrounding states at the show to show us what they have to qualify for the BOTB Slot race!

The show went very smooth. The 07 members are hardworking members and from what we can see support the new director with all they have.  The money maker for 07 will be held at WB in August and with the ranch improvements at WB, a showbill with over $4000 added – It was $3500 until this weekend when Nick and Khloe Wylie donated another $500 in appreciation of the 07 members coming to their ranch! Thank you Nick and Khloe we all appreciate it.   Watch for the new flyer this week on Facebook. Also watch for the Tommy Wylie Memorial Show Flyer for the October show which will be out soon.

Nick and Khloe have some great plans for the ranch and we are excited for the future.

After the show we all sat down with Jesus to relax, chat about what we can do to make things better at the next show and just relax and enjoy the evening. Helen Chambers and Don Holden are amazing and dedicated 07 members and great friends. Donna Shoemaker made the show but had to hit the road home- she was sad that she could not go to dinner especially after she saw some fire side pictures this morning…Jesus they were funny! Clea showed Becky (AKA Jesus) she could style hair. Clea’s Creations was born! Carolyn Korek, Kayla and George (Kisses loves George) would stop by for a visit under the awning before heading home! It is always so nice to see them. We enjoyed seeing everyone and being back at WB – its been to long since we have been there.

We headed home this morning and ready for another week of work and one week closer to the BOTB!

Until we see you again,    As always – Remember be a little kinder to someone today and love each other a little more!


Dawn and Clea

OH, PA, MI and KY IBRA join the BOTB in 2014

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Attention IBRA members Friday and Sunday will be IBRA Approved at the Best of the Best this year.   We look forward to seeing you all in September!

Click here to download the flyer – BOTB_Showbill_PreEntry_2014_07152014

You can pre enter on line at



Have a great 4th of July Weekend!


Awards Awards Awards

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Who is coming to Springfield Ohio in September for the Best of the Best Open Barrel and Pole show?   Well if you are you will be able to run for over $20,000 in added money and over $25,000 in awards………and there is a lot of East Coast Stallion Money as well as Paint Horse Incentive Money to be had.

Cactus Saddles (one of these bad boys will be a Pole Saddle Charlie Peoples, Kathy Bawel, Brian Foushee  you all better be riding like the champs you are), Jaco Tack, Best Ever Saddle Pads, Cowgirl Chic Tack, Frontier Buckles and Jackets Jackets Jackets!  PLUS MORE!  There is a $5000 Classic Equine Awards Package out there for BBR members.  There will be many more goodies for the riders and all who come to the show.

If you are interested in food, drink and entertainment at the Sponsor Tent join in on being a sponsor like  Trick Pony Inc, Trick PonyChampion Lane Farms, Colleen Runion, Watson Trucking  and many more………. We will have entertainment through out the weekend and Thursday Night grub will be brought to you by our Chef Ted Kraft, Friday night Clea and I will take to the grill for a Mexican Night and Saturday night BBQ Chicken being just right with all the fixins!

The Vendors will be there for the weekend with all things wonderful.  Each will be giving something for the Auction that will take place on Saturday.  You will not want to miss these great vendors and what they have to offer.

Great Cause, Great People Great Time…

We hope to see you all at the show.

Dawn and Clea

PS Watch for information about the Wing Fest!  Get those wing names ready!  Clea and I will be the judges on this go around unless Guy Fieri would show up…..Oh this should be fun!




BOTB Show Bill and Pre Entry Form

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Well we are a day late – what is new :)   We want to thank Jessie Ford for always having patience with us as we do our yearly showbill.  This year was a little more challenging with having to wait for deadlines and waiting to try to get things approved.   We had her editing like crazy- Jessie we love you and we are your biggest fans!

We have tried to have a little something for everyone and we hope you think the same.   There are 3 side pots with $1000 added each – You gotta love a Side pot - Run once with a possibility of 2 checks to cash at the end of the weekend.   These Side pots will be ran with 2go’s and an Average so you have 3 chances to win some cashola!

There is a lot of East Coast Stallion Money as well as Paint Horse Incentive Money to be had.  The 3 opens alone have $10,000 added money plus BBR members can run for another $4000 PLUS a $5000 Classic Equine Awards package- That is on top of the awards that we have for you.

9 Cactus Saddles, Cowgirl Chic Halters, Best Ever Pads, JACO Tack, Buckles, Spurs and more……. The BOTB Rides we have some special things for you as well on top of the $2000 up for grabs, a cactus saddle, buckle, custom pad from the Glam Factory personally done by Ms. Maddie Price. and more more more…………

The Sponsor Tent is going to be prodigious!  Thursday Night will be brought to you by our Chef Ted Kraft, Friday night Clea and I will take to the grill for a Mexican Night and Saturday night will be nothing short of amazing with the BBQ Chicken being just right with all the fixins!

If you have not become a sponsor yet for the Best of the Best you might think of doing so – your sponsorship not only goes to Team Marley but it is because of the sponsors this show is possible.   If you want a little extra for the weekend and want to enjoy some great food and great entertainment don’t delay sign up on line to be a BOTB Sponsor and get all the goodies that go with it.

Click here to view and print the show bill and pre entry form


You can Pre enter on line by going to

As always we thank each and everyone of you for being part of this yearly event.  We hope we can bring a lot of smiles to a lot of faces!

Until we see you again- love one another a little more and for gad sake Colleen Runion stay away from fast food!

Dawn and Clea



Stalls Form for BOTB 2014

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Well it is that time of year again!  We are in BOTB  mood  and ready to get this party started.  Below is the stall form for anyone needing stalls for the show.  Remember as the stalls come in is how they will be placed.  If you are a sponsor you do however get stall preference if available.

We are attaching the Sponsor sheet as well and we will be accepting sponsor form with the stall forms  hint hint :)

The Sponsor Tent is going to be astounding this year!  Clea and I will be cooking for you an evening and all the food will be Guy Fieri worthy!   As always there will be no shortage of refreshments and no shortage of entertainment!  Dean Meadows and Polly Mae will be there to entertain you - check them out……

Please remember that there are 318 stalls attached to the arena - if you want inside stalls do not wait!   If you know what stalls you want to be in – inside or out put the numbers/area on your stall form and we will do our very best to get you in them.   Thank you for your support!  We appreciate it.


Sponsor Form BOTB_2014_SponsorForm sign up on line at

Vendor Form BOTB_VendorForm_2014  sign up on line at

Enjoy the week and enjoy life!  It is short!

Find Joy in the Ordinary!

Hugs and Kisses

Dawn and Clea