Results from The Panty Raid Futurity 2014

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Well ladies and gents we had a great time. We love putting this show together to show our appreciation for everything everyone does for The Best of the Best.  Tribute Feed and G & G supply were two of the sponsors for The Panty Raid Futurity and we thank them for being part of the show.

We Paid out over $80,000 dollars in prize money not to mention over $10,000 in awards not to bad for it’s second year.

All in All everything went very well.  I was a little slow on the payouts getting done due to how busy the office was.  Although delayed, they did get done and we appreciate that you can recognize the size of show and lack of sleep we had why there was a little delay. Should anyone have any issues with payout, the timing of them or anything else please contact me or Clea we will be happy to speak with you.

We also want to congratulate Loren Altman of Kittanning PA riding  NRR Playboy SunFrost for being the first Out of State Qualifier for the Best of the Best 2014.  Congrats Loran - We are more than excited to have you run in Ohio at the BOTB!

Below are the results of the races from The Panty Raid.   The Target Saddle and Side Pots will be posted tomorrow after we take one last look at them. Thank you again for being part of the show and we hope you enjoyed yourself, perhaps we will see you at The Best of the Best.

Love and kisses to all and get some rest!

Dawn and Clea

PS Sorry if I sounded snippy at anytime in the office this weekend or gave anyone one of my “Barbie” looks.  I was just trying to get the results and payouts done in the middle of the chaos.  Elaine McQuillen that one is for you :) Mwah!


Friday Open 5D Results

Friday Pee Wee Top 10

Friday Pole Results

Futurity 1st GO- Results

Futurity 2nd GO- Results

Futurity Average – Results

Saturday Open 5D Results

Saturday Poles 3D Results

Sunday Open 5D Results

Seniors Results 2014

Sunday Youth Results 2014

5 YR Old Futurity

5-6 YR Old Derby Results

ECSIF Futurity Results

ECSIF Open Results

Paint Horse Sidepot

Target Race Results



Pre Entry Draws for the Panty Raid 2014

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Friday Poles April 11,2014 Draws for the Panty Raid->poles friday panty raid 2014

Friday Open April 11, 2014 Draws for the Panty Raid-> Friday Night Open Panty Raid 2014

Friday Pee Wee  April 11, 2014 Draws for the Pantry Raid-> pee wee draw friday panty raid 2014

Saturday Open April 12, 2014 Draws for the Panty Raid -> Saturday Night Open Panty Raid 2014

Sunday Open April 13,  2014 Draws for the Panty Raid-> sunday open panty raid 2014

Pre Entries Youth and Senior will be posted at Show on Friday

Futurity and Saturday Poles will be posted at the show on Friday and will be put on the web.  Pre entries will still run first just want to split up some riders.

PLEASE remember if there are any draw outs prior to the classes starting we will fill those holes.   Your Drawn Number will remain the same but it may bump you up or down in the drag should this happen.

Panty Raid Stalls as of April 6 2014

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Well here is the list of stalls for The Panty Raid as of 4/6/2014.   If you see any problems with your stalls please message us.  Please remember that they are listed as they were when they were paid for so make sure and look for all names.   If you bought stalls from someone they might still be under their name too.

Also please remember when you come in to the show have patience at the stall check in trailer - they will get you your paperwork, stall location and have a cold one waiting for you!   We expect Thursday to be a very busy day and please remember when unloading to show respect with parking and make sure to leave lanes open around the arena and to the other barns.   We will get everyone settled in.

Remember all weekend Ted and Tina’s Place – A Taste of the BOTB will be open for EVERYONE to enjoy.  Make sure and stop over for the weekend and taste some chili, have your face painted or a Henna Tattoo, listen to Dean Meadows and have a taste of the BOTB!

Stall list for the Panty Raid as of April 6 2014 -> Stalls as of April 6 2014

See ya soon

Love and Kisses always………oh and don’t forget your bike!

Dawn and Clea

Attention Chili Cook Off COOKS

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OK so here is how this is gonna roll~ There is $500 bucks in the “Chili Pot” not to mention BOTB stall and Open items and a massage from “The Green Man”  -  Saturday April 12, 2014 from 1-3 come and taste some amazing Chili!

We will be selling tickets for $5.00 for an arm length.  The buyers will taste the chili and put tickets in specially designed boxes (cardboard and Duck Tape) and the cook with the most tickets win.   Now you can decorate your table/area any way you want, you can entice the ticket buys to put the tickets in your ticket box any way you want.

PantyRaid_Chilli_tshirtWe will supply you with a table, ticket box, a 4oz cup for taste testing, silverware and a 2 oz scoop to serve.  You can bring whatever toppings, sides and goodies you want for your chili.  You can bring as much chili as you want.  With over 700 plus stalls rented there will be ALOT of people there – ALOT!  So make your own decision on how much you want to bring.  Perhaps 2 batches instead of 1!

The Chili Cook Off will be at Ted and Tina’s Place – A Taste of the BOTB.  Everyone is welcome.  Dean Meadows will be singing during the taste testing and Ted and Tina will be cooking after that.  Any Chili that is not all gone during the tasting hours can be served up at Ted and Tina’s - unless you have other plans for your chili. :)

Each Cook will get a Chili Cook Off T Shirt.  You will need to be at the tent between 12:00 and 12:45 to set up your table, decorate, set up your bar whatever you are planning to get those ticket – not to mention that fact that your chili will be amazing.

All tickets bought for the Chili Cook at the end of the contest and we will draw for BOTB stalls and entries and other awesome items for you all to win.

Ready Set Cook!  If you have any questions please let us know by messaging or calling or emailing or texting…. :)

Until then see you in a few short days!   Can not wait to see you all.

Dawn and Clea



Panty Raid Schedule

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Here is a little bit of what will be going on at the Panty Raid.     We hope to see you all at Ted and Tina’s Place – A Taste of the BOTB Sponsor Tent where all are welcome.  We will  be holding the Chili Cook Off, Face Painting  and  The Top 15 Pee Wee Calcutta here among other things.

Dean Meadows will be picking and a grinning for your enjoyment and we are hoping to have a general good time and thank you all for coming to the show.   Bring your dancing shoes, get ready to have a little taste of what the Best of the Best Sponsor Corral is all about.

Looking forward to seeing you all in just a few short days!   PLEASE REMEMBER you must check in at the STALL TRAILER when you arrive for your stall assignment and electric hook ups.

Until then Safe travels and be kind to each other- it makes for a better day

Dawn and Clea

Click here for the schedule -> Panty Raid Schedule

Attention Vendors at the Panty Raid

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Well we have all the vendors placed for the Panty Raid and we are ready for you to roll in and set up.   We will have the gates open for you at 10 AM on Thursday and you will need to be set up before Friday April 11, 2014

You will need to come to the show office to let us know you are here and we will point you in the direction of your booth.  Thank you all for being part of our show.

You can look at the schedule under Forms on our website. under Forms.

See you soon – Like in 10 days!


Dawn and Clea

We could use a little help at The Panty Raid –

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Although The Best of the Best is our charity event and The Panty Raid was just a lil kick starter show :) – This is the 2nd Annual Panty Raid and this show is from us to you.  We have had several people ask if they can sponsor and our response is always “Save it for the BOTB.”  We appreciate the willingness to sponsor and, hell, someday we might have to say “Yes, Please!” but for now we say Thank You and please put it towards the BOTB and Team Marley.   HOWEVER……..

We are going to ask something of everyone coming to the show that can lend a hand.  The Grows – Our sweet friends and huge supporters of Team Marley – have found themselves in a position that no parent wants to be in or see their child be in.  Roger and Keaton

Keaton John -  Keaton has been diagnosed with Williams Syndrome – a genetic condition that is present at birth and can affect anyone.  It is characterized by medical and cognitive problems, including cardiovascular disease among other medical issues.   This is a beautiful little boy who was born in May 2013 and in Dec 2013 had open heart surgery.  He came through his surgery like a champ thanks to all the prayers that everyone sent.  The prayers were appreciated and they were answered without question.  Keaton will undergo more medical treatment and a very good possibility of more surgery.  With ongoing medical expenses, we are sure that this family could use a little help from a friend or a lot of friends.

On April 19th, in Pennsylvania – home of the Grows – there will be a spaghetti dinner and a Basket Party held at the St. Michael’s Fire hall. (For those of you not from Pennsyltucky, you know when there is something held at a fire hall 1.) It has to be good and 2.) You can bet there will be people there to help!)  We would like to help out this family.

Keaton March 18We are asking that you help support The Basket Party at The Panty Raid.   If there is anyone coming to The Panty Raid that can make up a basket – any kind of basket – that can be sent back to Pennsylvania to be auctioned off at The Keaton Basket Party Fund Raiser – it would be appreciated.   You can bring the basket to The Panty Raid Entry Booth and we will make sure that it goes home with The Grows.

The entire Grow Family will be attending The Panty Raid including little Keaton.  We are more than excited to see them.

Thank you all for your anticipated help- we love you all and can not tell you how much we appreciate each and everyone for your support big and small.

Love each other a little more each day- it matters.

Dawn and Clea